About Arenus

Arenus is a 2D RPG, set in a Sci-Fi universe and will be released in 2017.

Roundscape, being our first game taught us a lot about game developement and I’m sure the experience we gained through the last years will be of use for Arenus.

One of the biggest points we often hear from you is that you would prefer a consistent artstyle, for that we’ve hired a small number of artists so all erotic scenes in Arenus are made by the same artist which result in a better immersion and a lower risk of not liking an erotic scene due an exotic artstyle.

The first thing you will do in Arenus is to choose your sex and then your character’s appearance from three designs. From there you will begin your story in Arenus. You can choose between 3 different designs per gender.

Your Character will be a warden, a manager of gladiators on the planet Vasdonas. Of course you’ll also get the choice of which gladiator to choose.
Geyna, the lost warrior, Elona the adventurous doctor, or Armida the fighter who never gives up.

Each gladiator has a unique personality, design and different kinks and fears that will display in the erotic scenes.

The game will be a mix of RPG and Management Game. You need to train your gladiator while managing your income. Of course there will be sidequests and encounters as you explore parts of Vasdonas. The first pillar of our games will always be the story.